Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Run Your Car on Water

Run Your Car on Water

You’ve seen the ads that say “Run your car on water” or the world famous “Water Car” but how does a person go about discerning fact from fallacy, truth from scams, shams and spam? The simple truth is that there is not such a simple way to do this. There are many do-it-yourself (DIY) systems on the market that are based upon 20-year-old plans that only a mad scientist in a mountaintop laboratory can read.

And then there are these gizmos with small tanks, hoses, nuts, bolts and fasteners that look fascinating, but how does one facilitate putting this together and hooking it into one’s car? Fortunately, I decided that I would take the time to research the matter a little more fully including reader feedback from those who have actually purchased these items.

There are many critics who cry fraud over these items never having tried them themselves, so I decided to listen only to the people with first hand experience. One company that says Run Your Car on Water offers a DIY system based upon 2 ebooks with of instructions. Those who have tried this system say that the books were at times a little hard to read and follow, but one they made it through to the end they were able to complete a system that saved them significant amounts of gasoline and reduced emissions as well.

All of these kits and systems work by electrolyzing a small amount of water under the hood of the vehicle. The electrolyzed water is transformed into hydrogen and oxygen, which is then piped into the manifold of the vehicle, helping the cylinders to displace some gasoline or diesel fuel, burn the fuel more cleanly, increase the gas mileage and reduce emissions.

Once again there has been good feedback for the kits and systems listed on this page by people who have actually tried the products. With the price of gas approaching $4 per gallon, many people are looking to fight back and one of these kits and systems will help you do just that.

Run your car on water?

Gas Prices these days seem to be climbing and people now are searching for cheaper alternatives! And that's exactly what some people have been doing! For many years researchers have claimed that using hydrogen to power cars or run your car on water is a cheaper and more efficient. Tests have proven that hydrogen powered cars are cleaner and rely on a cheap energy source. It seems like a crazy concept and hard to believe but thats where Water4Gas comes in! Water4Gas shows you step by step in detail how to setup a system to contain and break down water into hydrogen and oxygen and then inject it into your engines combustion. What this means is your car runs on water saving your lots of $$$$ in gas!
With Water4Gas you can turn your SUV or car into a hydrogen powered car running on water hence the concept of this blog - "Run your car on water". Its easier than you think and you can be running your car on water in days!!
To run your car on water go to Hydrogen Water Power Site.